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The SSS Non Woven Fabric

The three-layer structure of the World Wisdom mask uses nano-film in the middle filter layer, and the two layers on the bottom and the same surface are made of non-woven SSS fabric.
The use of this SSS quality for the inner and outer layers makes the non-woven fabrics more dense and resistant to viruses and particles, compared with 90% of other masks using just S or SS fabric quality. The feel and comfort level is elevated! The soft texture of the mask is improved, lighter, and the color is more uniform. This means increased comfort, better design and hypoallergenic - no more heat rash and itchiness on your face!

We’ve carefully sourced and tested our materials from trusted suppliers. Every component of the mask has certificates to show the true nature and cleanliness of the materials.

We’ve ordered nose wires that are comfortable, bendable and free from harmful and dangerous toxins. Our ear loops are soft and elastic quality, which provides comfort even to sensitive skin.

We’ve chosen the layers carefully – the outer being fluid resistant protective to water particles, the inner that is comfortable soft and easy to breath through. Most importantly for the middle layer, we used the latest technology filter: Nano-Membrane. This NANO filter is highly effective and will block out over 99% of particles at 0.1um!

We purchased high-tech new machinery, made with the latest technology in order to produce surgical masks designed to fit your face shape therefore maximising the effectiveness in guarding you from harmful particles in the air. 

We’ve spent countless hours, days, weeks and months to make our product stand out and be highly effective. We hope that you appreciate our efforts and we hope to further serve you with our surgical masks.



Our Team

Virina Vaswani


Virina, born and brought up in Hong Kong is a third-generation Hong Kong local.

She is a graduate of HKUST, gaining her degree in Economics & Management. She accelerated her career in London, working for a startup before moving home to start her own venture.

She has a passion for helping people!

Dr Fung, Ivan Wing-Hong

Technology Consultant

Dr Fung is highly reputable professor at City University Hong Kong.

His engineering experience adds to the success of production of masks.

Moreover, with access to new technology we hope to keep improving our product to our customers!

Vijay Vaswani


Vijay has great experience in the business trade.

He has opened companies in three different countries.

He is a workaholic always looking for ways to offer solutions to everyone he meets!

Terms & Conditions

All orders are non-refundable and non-exchangable.The ordered goods will be shipped within 3 working days after the order is confirmed.